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The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

How to fix the lost of trust between a workstation and the domain, even when you don't have a locale administrator account on the workstation.

1. Boot System with Linux live CD (or Windows Install CD)

@Linux Guys: i know you know what to do if you see what Windows admins had to do.
@Windows Admins: Boot from your Install CD and go the Command line.
Someone told me that Shift+F10 do the job on Windows 10 Install DVD.

Now you had to copy Files in your System32 Directory

 move c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak
 copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

You replace your original utilman.exe with a renamed copy of cmd.exe.
Reboot your System now.

2. Have fun with the command line

Now reboot your System, and click on the Icon (see picture)

The … uuuh Helper for …. things?
is now disappeared and you will face a cmd running with administrator rights.

There are a lot of articles with similar doing through this part, but the problem with lost of domain trust, you can add new users, but you can not gain admin rule to the new user.

So first you had to leave the domain, I found a nice working foo for this on the internet, and want to share it with you.

@echo off
 start /B /W wmic.exe /interactive:off ComputerSystem Where "Name='%computername%'" Call UnJoinDomainOrWorkgroup FUnjoinOptions=0
 start /B /W wmic.exe /interactive:off ComputerSystem Where "Name='%computername%'" Call JoinDomainOrWorkgroup name="WORKGROUP"
 start /B /W wmic.exe /interactive:off ComputerSystem Where "Name='%computername%'" Call Rename name="standaloneComputer"
 shutdown.exe /r /t 0 /f

(Tested on Windows10 System)

After your System is rebooted you can add a new user and give him admin rights.

net user temp_admin Pa$$word /add
net localgroup administrators temp_admin /add

If you don't use a english windows your administrators group maybe had another name, as example: Administratoren if you using a german windows

3. Rejoin the Domain

Now you can reboot your System and login with .\temp_admin as user and Pa$$word as password after login you can rejoin your Domain.

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